Project Description


美式古典別墅 桃園C宅 American classic and elegant

風格: 美式古典
地點: 桃園市
坪數: 160坪
理念: 本案的屋主,購置兩戶合併為160坪的透天別墅,直接指名古典風格,要維持古典風格的特質又不落俗套,考驗設計師的美感與專業,對於古典要素的比重與最終呈現,黃建華設計師自有一套想法:「一定要有質感,但絕不浮誇俗氣!」
















The owner of the case, the purchase of the two merged into 160 square feet Detached villa, directly named in the classical style, to maintain the characteristics of the classical style, but also unconventional, and test of the designer’s aesthetic and professional, for the classical elements of proportion and the final rendering, the designer has its own idea: “must have texture, but not exaggerated tacky!”

First emphasize that the coherent integrity of the space, classical fusion American Wind simplicity and aesthetic elegance flow throughout the villa, the basement began to ground four of space, neither from the American classic main theme.

Divided in accordance with the moving line for the garage, vestibule, changing his shoes, area and audio-visual room, entrance after the transition space, equipped with a luxury only the Huanxie District, opened the elegant overture to the simple white and soft totem out of the garage can be area-length mirror grooming, to meet the practical function.
Audio-visual room soft colors to create a casual atmosphere, and hide the sound-absorbing board on the sofa wall, equipped with complete audio-visual audio-visual capabilities, the homeowner can invite friends and family gatherings, to build one can enjoy laughter interactive entertainment space.

, Set hidden locker room after the entrance space to facilitate the belongings on the inside to maintain the home clean and tidy, elegant and generous white living room arch through the door greeted into the symmetry of the classical style Roman column to modified construction is unreasonable architecture ingenuity, can not hide a column, it would beautify the shape of the home style points.
In order to show the TV wall momentum to overcome the difficulties of transportation and construction to complete the Silver Fox marble cutting, delicate French border from the platform, living room classic artistically themselves freely to the United States.

Restaurant with a white long table with a gray velvet dining chairs to increase the texture of the atmosphere, the soft reflection of the main wall with tea mirror, multiply the gorgeous views of the crystal lamp, designer on the first floor room, to respond to the owner collection of paintings interest to the gallery would like for the hair, a white wall painted rail, let the homeowners collection of paintings to the exhibition space, and also brings out the artistic taste of the classical space.

Only on the second floor space planning a large master bedroom and study, inherited the overall American classical tune, add some gentle elegance of the color, bright and spacious room out of the stairs feel very comfortable, more enviable is that men and women The owners have their own separate dressing room, to perfect in function.

The third floor for the kids room, practice room and reading room, in addition to sleep outside, fully demonstrated the full functionality.


【4F] The fourth floor of the open reading area, and also the other side to create a children’s reading games area, with childlike rural point of view, give the children the joy and pleasant childhood.